Surveying the wellbeing of Cantabrians

The Canterbury Wellbeing Survey is an opportunity for residents of greater Christchurch (Christchurch City and Selwyn and Waimakariri Districts) to say how they’re going and what they think about the earthquake recovery.

Public input from the Survey gives the Canterbury DHB and other agencies an idea of emerging trends in community wellbeing and helps to measure of the continuing impacts of the earthquakes. The survey is conducted annually.

Data from the Canterbury Wellbeing Survey is also included in the Canterbury Wellbeing Index.

Key findings from the 2017 Canterbury Wellbeing Survey

Over 2,500 greater Christchurch residents took part in the Canterbury Wellbeing Survey in June and July 2017.

The findings show that the wellbeing of greater Christchurch residents continues to improve.

The tenth Canterbury Wellbeing Survey of people in greater Christchurch since the 2011 earthquakes suggests that life has settled into a ‘new normal’ for many.

Chair of the Greater Christchurch Psychosocial Group Evon Currie says the latest Survey shows that many in the city have adjusted to post-earthquake life.

“Quality of life indicators appear to have stabilised, wellbeing levels continue to improve, and stress levels are at their lowest since the survey began,” says Mrs Currie.

82 percent rated their quality of life as good or extremely good.The 2017 Survey shows that – for the third time in a row – 82 percent of greater Christchurch residents rate their quality of life as good or extremely good. The WHO-5 Wellbeing Index – another wellbeing indicator – continues to improve and is at its highest level since the Survey began in 2013.

Hurdles to recovery remain in Canterbury

There remains a significant group of greater Christchurch residents who are still really struggling, while things have improved for many.

“It is clear that some Cantabrians still face significant hurdles to their recovery,” says Mrs Currie.

People surveyed are more likely to be stressed, have lower quality of life and wellbeing, and report lower self-rated health if they:

  • have unresolved insurance or EQC claims,
  • are on low incomes;
  • live in a rental property: or
  • have a health condition or disability.


For more information, contact:

Annabel Begg
Ph:+64 3 364 1777

Ring the Canterbury Support Line on 0800 777 846, if you are finding it hard and need support.

You will be able to talk to someone about accessing the kind of support you need.

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