Social monitoring of the wellbeing of Cantabrians

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) has tracked the progress of greater Christchurch’s social recovery with two major projects: the Canterbury Wellbeing Index and the CERA Wellbeing Survey.

The Survey results feed into the Index, along with data and content provided from a large number of agencies and groups.

“An important part of recovery is understanding its pace and progress. By monitoring and reporting on the recovery in a clear, planned and coordinated way, we can assess the effectiveness of recovery activities. We can also identify the areas that may require additional effort or change.

Information about the progress of recovery helps investors, home owners, infrastructure developers, service providers and the wider community to make decisions critical to the rebuild and/or their own futures.” – Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch’s Monitoring and Reporting Plan

Canterbury Wellbeing Index

The Canterbury Wellbeing Index uses a range of indicators to provide information on the impacts of the earthquakes on wellbeing and to identify emerging social trends and issues.

It helps Community and Public Health and partner agencies make decisions about the most efficient way to target funds and resources. It also provides accurate and robust information to the community.  Surveys before 2016 were conducted by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

Read the Canterbury Wellbeing Index, including fact sheets.

Canterbury Wellbeing Survey

The Canterbury Wellbeing Survey is an opportunity for residents of greater Christchurch to say how they’re going and what they think about the earthquake recovery.

It is conducted every six months by Community and Public Health and partner agencies with the participation of a random selection of around 2,500 greater Christchurch residents. Surveys before 2016 were conducted by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

Read the Canterbury Wellbeing Survey, including past reports.

Youth Wellbeing Survey

CERA and partner agencies also conducted a survey of greater Christchurch young people aged 12-24, asking questions about their wellbeing, where they go for help, the positive and negative impacts of the earthquakes on them, their future plans and what’s important to them in the recovery.

Read the Youth Wellbeing Survey.

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