Mental health and wellbeing

For Psychiatric Emergencies call 0800 920 092.
Community and Public Health provides population health services and information. We are unable to work with individuals regarding their health issues.

Winning Ways to Wellbeing.Mental wellbeing is both a foundation for health as well as being an objective in itself. There is a strong relationship between mental and physical wellbeing. “There is no health without mental health.”

Community and Public Health aims to promote social and physical environments that advance positive health and wellbeing throughout the Canterbury, South Canterbury and West Coast regions.

Our goal is to enhance resiliency and a sense of control among our population, and foster a climate of community participation and social inclusion.

Community and Public Health seeks to:

  • Include mental health and wellbeing in all Community and Public Health programmes and projects.
  • Increase community awareness on gaining/maintaining mental wellbeing.
  • Work with health and other sectors (e.g. Education, Territorial Local Authorities) to recognise determinants of mental health and wellbeing and to develop mental health promoting practices.
  • Engage with the Canterbury, South Canterbury and West Coast communities in promoting mental health and wellbeing.
  • Work with South Canterbury and West Coast youth around mental wellbeing, especially resiliency and social inclusion.
  • Provide information to the public on both maintaining mental health, and coping with mental illness.
  • Provide information to the public on programmes including the Like Minds Like Mine antidiscrimination campaign, and depression awareness projects (e.g. Depression: There is a way through it).
  • Support the development of the Community in Mind strategy in greater Christchurch.
  • Collect and collate reliable evidence relating to mental health and wellbeing, including:

We work together to increase our communities’ mental resilience and reduce their risks of mental illness.


World First All Right? Campaign

Logo for All Right Campaign saying "All Right?"All Right? is designed to help us think about our mental health and wellbeing. The campaign is about helping people realise that they’re not alone, encouraging them to connect with others, and supporting them to boost their wellbeing.

Ultimately, All Right? is about ensuring wellbeing is at the heart of our recovery.

All Right? is a Healthy Christchurch social marketing project that is led by the Mental Health Foundation and the Canterbury District Health Board.


Resources for the Public

Reference Publications


Download or order resources from the Community Health Information Centre.


For more information, contact:

Lucy D’Aeth
Ph:+64 3 364 1777

Anna Reihana
Ph +64 3 687 2600

Sarah Harvey
Ph:+64 3 768 1165

For additional information, contact:

Psychiatric Emergency Line
0800 920 092

Canterbury Support Line
(EQ support and counselling)
0800 777 846

Depression Helpline
0800 111 757

0800 LifeLine
0800 543 354

Depression initiative focussing on farmers and rural communities

True life stories and videos of farmers who have suffered from depression are now on the website.

Find out more about this rural mental health campaign.

Ad from featuring the following comment from a farmer: "I'd come in at night feeling buggered, but I'd look at my day and I hadn't achieved anything".

Ongoing Stress and Anxiety from Earthquakes

If you or someone you know are still experiencing stress and anxiety, you could visit one of the following websites for support information:

Information Sheets on Mental Health and Wellbeing Topics

Helpful information is available from the following websites:

A variety of issues are covered including grief and bereavement, sleeping well, self-care, and reducing drugs and alcohol.

Five Ways to Wellbeing are now available as posters in migrant languages.

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