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The Health Promoting Schools (HPS) initiative was developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and was established in New Zealand in 1997. HPS is a process – rather than a programme – that works through a whole-school community approach, and is both comprehensive and holistic.  Research tells us that a whole-school approach that is multi-factorial and sustained over time will have benefits for the school community.

“Health Promoting Schools are schools which display, in everything they say and do, support and commitment to enhancing the emotional, social, physical and moral wellbeing of their school community.” (World Health Organisation).

Students from St Mary’s School at their DIY Subway lunch day.The HPS Strategic Framework supports school communities to:

  • start with their own vision;
  • identify and address their specific health needs and priorities; and
  • take actions that use their strengths and build capability.

The framework empowers school communities to develop and apply their own solutions in partnership with health, education and social services. This process is monitored and reviewed to inform ongoing and future actions.

The inquiry-based approach is outcomes-focused and sustainable as it builds on what schools already do and integrates the actions and outcomes into schools’ planning and reporting processes.


Follow-up on February 2018 Staff Wellbeing Workshop in Christchurch

More than 40 school leaders attended this heartfelt workshop with Ian Vickers. Ian shared passionately from his seven years’ experience implementing a teacher and school staff wellbeing programme as a Deputy Principal at Sancta Maria School (Auckland). He also spoke about his advocacy work trying to get teacher wellbeing recognised and resourced at a national level.

The challenge and call to action was for all to play a part in growing a culture shift in the teaching profession so that teacher wellbeing is promoted and valued. The many practical tips for getting a staff wellbeing programme going in a school were well received.



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Health Promoting Schools Magazine

Issue 57 – Term 1 2018
Healthy Changes at Chisnallwood Intermediate

Chisnallwood Intermediate decided to embark on changes that reflected a growing emphasis on student wellbeing and its relationship to student achievement. Their school canteen was a starting point in addressing the relationship between healthy food intake and improved learning and behaviour outcomes for their akonga (students).

A canteen review was undertaken. It included surveying the staff and students to find out their ideas around the canteen. The findings indicated there was strong staff support for a change in the foods available. Students still wanted their fair share of ‘junk’ but they also wanted more substantial lunch food that was filling.

Water-only Schools Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed for schools to use as a quick and easy guide to how to become water-only.

The toolkit contains information and resources to support your school along the way.

Water-only Schools Toolkit

Healthy Events and Fundraisers: A Guide for School and Community Organisers

This booklet is designed to help you, your school and your community, create a food and drink environment that encourages making the healthy choice the easy choice.

The guide provides sample food and nutrition policies for events and schools as well as ideas for healthy prizes, kai, products to sell and activities to do.

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