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The Health Promoting Schools (HPS) initiative was developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and was established in New Zealand in 1997. HPS is a process – rather than a programme – that works through a whole-school community approach, and is both comprehensive and holistic.  Research tells us that a whole-school approach that is multi-factorial and sustained over time will have benefits for the school community.

“Health Promoting Schools are schools which display, in everything they say and do, support and commitment to enhancing the emotional, social, physical and moral wellbeing of their school community.” (World Health Organisation).

Students from St Mary’s School at their DIY Subway lunch day.The HPS Strategic Framework supports school communities to:

  • start with their own vision;
  • identify and address their specific health needs and priorities; and
  • take actions that use their strengths and build capability.

The framework empowers school communities to develop and apply their own solutions in partnership with health, education and social services. This process is monitored and reviewed to inform ongoing and future actions.

The inquiry-based approach is outcomes-focused and sustainable as it builds on what schools already do and integrates the actions and outcomes into schools’ planning and reporting processes.


Sparklers: Wellbeing activities for schools

All Right? have produced this toolkit consisting of 36 activities for schools to use in helping their students feel calmer, happier and more ready to learn.

The activities take between 10 and 60 minutes and are aligned with the school curriculum. Sparklers covers a wide range of wellbeing topics including managing emotions, living in the moment, being grateful, and showing kindness.

Sparklers: Helping tamariki live brighter.




Contact the Health Promoting Schools Team at your local office for further information:

Ph: +64 3 364 1777

Ph: +64 3 307 6902

Ph: +64 3 687 2600

Ph: +64 3 768 1160

Health Promoting Schools Magazine

Issue 55
Whanaungatanga through leadership at Linwood College

Numerous student leaders were given the opportunity to attend the Linwood College student leadership wānanga on 1st June 2017. We began the process of developing closer relationships with one another and what it takes to be a leader.

We had the opportunity to share ideas on what we aspire the Linwood College, and Linwood community and culture to be and what actions we need to take to ensure that these visions can become a reality.

Water-only Schools Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed for schools to use as a quick and easy guide to how to become water-only.

The toolkit contains information and resources to support your school along the way.

Water-only Schools Toolkit

Healthy Events and Fundraisers: A Guide for School and Community Organisers

This booklet is designed to help you, your school and your community, create a food and drink environment that encourages making the healthy choice the easy choice.

The guide provides sample food and nutrition policies for events and schools as well as ideas for healthy prizes, kai, products to sell and activities to do.

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