Drinking Water Assistance Programme

Safe Drinking Water from the tap. Safe drinking-water is a necessity for people’s health but many small New Zealand communities do not have access to drinking-water that is shown to be safe.┬áThese are the communities that Community and Public Health wants to help through the Drinking Water Assistance Programme.

The Ministry of Health’s Drinking Water Technical Assistance Programme┬áprovides technical assistance to small water suppliers. Any supplier serving fewer than 5000 people can participate, and there is no charge.

The Drinking-water Subsidy Scheme provided funding to eligible community drinking-water supplies to help them provide safe drinking-water from 2006 to 2015. The Government has closed the ten year Drinking-water Subsidy Scheme to new applications.

The Ministry of Health has many resources relating to drinking-water and water safety plans.



Drinking Water Assistance Programme (Ministry of Health)

For more information, contact the Drinking Water Assistance Programme Facilitator:

Kathryn Russell
Ph: +64 3 378 6811
Fax: +64 3 379 6484

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