Throw of the dice favours wellbeing

Roll for a feel-good suggestion, such as enjoying the outdoors or making community connections.

Downtime dice are a new well-being tool from All Right? that encourages Cantabrians to enjoy some “guilt-free downtime”.

All Right? mental health strategist Ciaran Fox with a dice at Central Library. Source: Christchurch City Council.Free downtime dice were available for a limited time only. You can now only purchase a dice for $10 each.

All Right? manager Sue Turner underlines the importance of prioritising downtime. “A few minutes of quality downtime can boost our energy, focus, creativity, productivity and happiness,” Ms Turner says. “Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that it’s OK to take a break, and that’s where our downtime dice come in.”

The downtime dice suggests a range of simple activities, such as enjoying music, getting outside, or catching up with a friend.

Christchurch-based All Blacks leadership manager Gilbert Enoka views downtime as an integral part of his day. “Downtime can be simple things like reading a book, having a coffee, having a treat of some sort… but it’s the ordinary and soul-enriching nature of those pleasures that really enhances individuals and increases their capacity to function at high levels and feel really good about themselves,” Mr Enoka says.

“I think society needs resilient citizens and that goes for workers, athletes, men, women, and children. “Developing resilience is about exposing yourself to waves of stress and waves of recovery. Having downtime is good for your recovery.” He believes that 10 to 15-minute ’emotional recovery activities’ can help anybody. “They’re like pit stops in a race, where you just go in to fill up energy.”

Source: Christchurch City Council Newsline (1st May 2018).

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