Switch to Water Challenge: Kick start a healthy summer

We need water for hydration – not sugary drinks. Switching your sugary drinks to water is a great first step towards a healthier you!

Switch to water as it:

  • is naturally the best way to rehydrate;
  • has no calories;
  • is non-acidic;
  • is 100 percent natural; and
  • is fresh, free and readily available on tap.

The Switch to Water challenge is all about switching your sugary drinks to water for 30 days – starting one day between 1st and 15th November 2020. Take the challenge and kick start a healthy summer!

This challenge helps you to set a realistic goal to reduce the amount of sugar you consume. The aim of this challenge is to build better habits, with water becoming your drink of choice over time.

It is easy to take the challenge. Simply sign up and commit to switching your sugary drinks to water for 30 days.

You can take up the challenge as an individual, as a whānau or as part of a workplace or school team.

Download resources that support the Switch to Water challenge:



Source: NZ Dental Association.

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