Sweat with Pride

Sweat for at least 21 minutes every day this June to get active and raise money to support our Rainbow communities. Fight discrimination with perspiration.

Run, walk, wheel, shimmy or skate – there’s no wrong way to get sweaty.

You’ll get your very own Perspirational Trainer with a unique motivational style to keep you sweating all month long!

Sweat with Pride is an amazing way to supercharge your own wellbeing whilst raising money for a great cause! After 30 days of getting sweaty our Sweaty Bettys report having:

  • More energy;
  • Improved sleep;
  • Better mental health; and
  • Pride in taking action to support our Rainbow communities.

Everyday life is still too damn hard for our Rainbow communities. Stigma and discrimination lead to higher rates of mental health issues and even suicide. Then there are the physical illnesses – STIs like syphilis and HIV disproportionately affect our community.

  • More than half of our Rainbow whānau have experienced mental illness;
  • Our gay and bi guys account for almost 80 percent of new HIV transmissions; and
  • 1 in 5 of our Rainbow rangatahi have attempted suicide.

So the Burnett Foundation (formerly the New Zealand AIDS Foundation), Rainbow Youth, OutLine and InsideOUT Kōaro are asking everyday Kiwis like you to take a stand for our community. Every dollar you raise will fund life-changing projects that will improve the mental and physical health of Aotearoa’s Rainbow communities. They don’t just need thoughts and prayers. They need sweat.

Published on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, under Events
Page last updated: 20/05/2024

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