Smokefree Social Housing Toolkit: a guide for creating smokefree policies

Smokefree Social Housing Toolkit from Community and Public Health.Community and Public Health (as a member of Smokefree Canterbury) has developed a Toolkit to assist social housing providers to implement smokefree policies in social housing settings.

Improving population health has increasingly become a shared goal across many sectors including social housing. A smokefree social housing policy can result in win-wins for tenants, housing providers, and the wider community.

The Smokefree Social Housing Toolkit draws on international research as well as on Community and Public Health’s experience working with the Christchurch City Council to implement their smokefree social housing initiative.

The Toolkit includes:

  • an evidence-based rationale for smokefree social housing, and
  • guidance on policy development and implementation (including legal perspectives, organisational philosophy, leadership, and practical policy implementation).

A novel component of the Toolkit is a schematic that brings the concepts of restrictiveness and support together. The schematic illustrates how different levels of restrictiveness and support might be practically combined to form innovative, comprehensive policy styles that can be adapted for any situation or environment.

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