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CPH coverage mapThe Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) provides free health resources within the Community and Public Health geographical area covering:

  • Canterbury including Ashburton, Greater Christchurch, Selwyn, Waimakariri, Hurunui and Kaikoura Districts;
  • South Canterbury including MacKenzie, Timaru and Waimate Districts;
  • the West Coast including Buller, Grey and Westland Districts; and
  • the Chatham Islands.

This page is the gateway to ordering health resources online, including pamphlets, booklets and posters.

You can order up to 100 copies of any resource online, unless specified otherwise or if quantities are limited.

Find out more about online ordering and the delivery of your order.

CHIC Order Processing during the public health response to COVID-19

All CHICs are closed to visitors at the current alert level and until further notice. Therefore you may not be able to pick up resource orders.

You may experience a delay in the processing of your resource order. This is due to limited staff capacity and also issues with the availability of some resources.

Other ways you can order resources

You can also order resources from CHIC via mail, fax and email.

You can also visit one of our centres in Ashburton (by appointment), Timaru and Greymouth to view or order resources.

Unfortunately you cannot visit or drop in to the Christchurch CHIC to view or order resources.

Contact your local CHIC Office for more information:

CANTERBURY (Christchurch)
Ph +64 3 378 6721
Fax +64 3 379 6125

Ph +64 3 307 6902
Fax +64 3 307 8081

Ph +64 3 687 2600
Fax +64 3 688 6091

WEST COAST (Greymouth)
Ph +64 3 768 1160
Fax +64 3 768 1169

Ordering resources from outside our region

Some resources produced by Community and Public Health are available to those outside our coverage area, but you will need to pay for these items, including a postage charge.

Collecting Memories (MNH0259).Resources from the All Right? Campaign

The All Right? campaign is designed to help us think about our mental health and wellbeing.

All Right? is about helping people realise that they’re not alone, encouraging them to connect with others, and supporting them to boost their wellbeing.

Featured resources: Rauemi whakaatu

Child-Resistant Packaging
Child-Resistant Packaging
For distribution by pharmacies and child-health providers advising clients on how child-resistant packaging can help prevent young children being poisoned. Reprinted February 2014. MoH code HE1322.
Practical Tips for giving medicine to kids
Pocket Resource
Practical Tips for giving medicine to kids
Limited to 20 copies per order. Other language versions available to order from www.pharmaconline.co.nz Gives advice on giving medicine to babies, toddlers and children.
Maximum allowed quantity per order: 20
Your health is very important to us
Poster - A3
Your health is very important to us
Encourages seeking advice from a qualified health care professional before taking antibiotics. Designed for use in waiting rooms to emphasise using this precious resource wisely - only when they will be effective and to help reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Featured parenting resources: Rauemi mātua

Staying calm with kids
Staying calm with kids
Download in Te Reo Māori from www.skip.org.nz
Gives simple practical tips for keeping anger under control.
Supermarket = Super Takeaways
Supermarket = Super Takeaways
Gives ideas for healthy and nutritious meals with ingredients from the supermarket that can be prepared faster than getting takeaways. Revised May 2016.
Talking to your children about scary world news
Talking to your children about scary world news
Gives tips on what you can do is help to minimise the negative impact world news has on your children.

Featured workplace resources: Rauemi wāhi mahi

Catering for meetings or events from the supermarket
Catering for meetings or events from the supermarket
Gives suggestions on food and drink options available from a supermarket that can be used for either small or large groups.
Serving alcohol safely at workplace events
Serving alcohol safely at workplace events
Gives the key components of host responsibility at work social events for employers and gives advice for ensuring the safety of staff. Revised March 2019.
Workplace Wellbeing
Poster - A3 Set
Workplace Wellbeing
Available in the Greater Christchurch region only. Encourages employees to think about their own wellbeing, and how they can support others in their workplace. Part of the campaign to promote wellbeing in Canterbury. Set contains five posters.

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