Boost your wellbeing with Mindfulness Month this July

​​The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand brings you Mindfulness Month for another year. They are asking you to join 31 days of mindfulness to boost your wellbeing. Mindfulness has been linked to a reduction in anxiety and stress, a boost in mood, and enhanced relationships, sleep and general wellbeing.

You’ll be supported with guided meditations, resources, advice and inspiration to help you experience the full benefits of the weekly activities. You will receive a mindfulness journal based on the month done concept by Stephen McCarthy when you sign up.

  • Week One: Journalling – writing, drawing or noting your thoughts, emotions or things you are grateful for.
  • Week Two: Digital or Social Media Detox – taking a break from screens or social media.
  • Week Three: Meditating – training your mind to be more present.
  • Week Four: Mindful Eating – slowing down and engaging all of your senses to experience what you are eating.

At the same time you can invite your friends and whanau to support your experience by making donations to raise funds to support our rangatahi (young people) to look after their own mental health and wellbeing.

The Mental Health Foundation’s Chief executive Shaun Robinson believes mindfulness is a powerful tool in managing his wellbeing.

“Taking a mindful approach to living has been really important for me in terms of managing my bipolar disorder, and helping me to stay well.”

Registration is free and closes at 11.59am on Sunday 30th June 2024.

Join us for Mindfulness Month this July and help uplift youth mental health.

How the funds raised will be used

We believe in our young people. We believe they can and should have happy, rewarding lives. We also know growing up can be hard.

All rangatahi (young people) in Aotearoa should have a kete (basket) of tools to draw on to support their mental health and wellbeing through life’s ups and downs.

If young people are more resilient and better able to cope with life’s stresses, then they can focus instead on those things that will see them flourish and live a happy, rewarding life.

The funds raised during Mindfulness Month will support the Mental Health Foundation to continue our efforts to create safe, supportive schools and spaces for our rangatahi (aged 13-24 years).

Rangatahi also need to get the help and extra support they need if and when they need it. Currently they are the age group that reports the biggest difficulty accessing professional mental health help.

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