Making good habits stick with Habit Sticks

All Right? campaign logoThe latest innovation from All Right? will help people do more of the things that make them happy and healthy.

All Right? manager Sue Turner says the revolutionary new All Right? Habit Stick makes it easier to make good habits stick. “If you’ve ever struggled with a resolution or maintaining a healthy habit then our free Habit Stick is for you!” says Sue.

“All you need to do is write down the habit you want to adopt and give yourself a tick on the stick every time you achieve it. Before you know it, your Habit Sticker will be full of ticks and your new habit will be something you do every day without even thinking about it,” says Sue.
“It sounds simple, but it works,” says Sue.

Research shows that you’re much more likely to successfully adopt a new habit if you make it small and achievable, write it down, do it daily, and track your progress. “The Habit Stick brings all the science on successful habit formation together, helping dramatically boost your chances of success.”

Sue says good habits are important because it’s the little things we do every day that shape our lives. “While a habit can seem completely insignificant in isolation, when we do it day in and day out, year after year, the impact can really add up. Small things like getting outside more often, or eating your lunch away from your screen, make a big difference.”

Sue says Habit Stickers help encourage people to reflect on the types of things they want to do more of. “Even just stopping for a moment to think about the type of change you’d like to make is a good for you. It’s really easy to just get swept up in the day-to-day and not make time for yourself. Spending some time thinking about your habits, and making some positive changes, can change your life,” says Sue.

Note: Habit Sticks are no longer available as of 12th June 2017 and are replaced by Habit Stickers.

Make a tiny habit stick.

Source: All Right? press release (30th April 2017)

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