Let’s start talking this Men’s Health Month

Men's Health Month: #MenStartTalking June 2017.The theme for Men’s Health Month NZ is Men Start Talking.

When our mates seem down or in trouble, the easiest option is not to talk about it. We don’t know what to say, or think we might say the wrong thing.

Not talking kills hundreds of men every year, and stops a lot of men from being as healthy as they could be.

This June the Men’s Health Trust is encouraging men throughout New Zealand to start talking. Start asking your mates how they are really doing. Don’t be worried about what they might say. You don’t need to offer advice, just listen, and if you’ve been through something similar, share your experiences.

Giving someone the opportunity to talk about what’s on their mind can lift a weight off their shoulders.

Men’s Health Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness of men’s health and share knowledge and inspirations to improve the health of men in New Zealand.

Find out more about Men’s Health Month.

Source: Men’s Health Trust New Zealand website.

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