Know the signs of stroke: Think FAST

Around 24 New Zealanders have a stroke each day – about six of those are aged under 65.

A stroke will strike suddenly. Damage will move through the brain fast. But you can help if you know the signs to look for, and think and act fast.


  • FACE – Is their face drooping on one side? Can they smile?
  • ARM  – Is one arm weak? Can they raise both arms?
  • SPEECH  – Is their speech jumbled or slurred? Can they speak at all?
  • TIME – Time is critical. Call 111.

A stroke is always a medical emergency. Even if the symptoms go away quickly or don’t cause pain you should call 111 immediately.

The FAST campaign is a joint initiative between the Stroke Foundation, Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Agency.

Find out more about the FAST campaign including how to get FAST resources.

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