Kindness outbreak encouraged in Canterbury

Compliment Card Set - Red (MNH0192).Cantabrians are being encouraged to draw on their biggest strength to create an epidemic of kindness this Christmas.

The All Right? team have created 24 compliment cards that can be shared as gifs in an online advent calendar or passed on as cards.

All Right? manager Sue Turner says the compliments are free, easy to give, and can make a big difference to someone’s day. “All Right? wants everyone in Canterbury to give and receive at least one compliment this December,” says Sue Turner.

“We’ve put a mini mission on the back of each compliment card to encourage an outbreak of kindness. Each mini mission requires a bit of nerve and daring, but if you can pull it off you’ll help spread some cheer this Christmas.”

The mission – should you choose to accept – could be to ‘Sneak me into someone’s pocket’, ‘Hide me under a keyboard’, or ‘Give me along with a flower, air-kiss or high five’.

Ms Turner says that the compliments campaign is fully backed by science while being light hearted and fun. Giving has been identified as one of five actions proven to improve someone’s wellbeing. The other ‘ways to wellbeing’ are connecting, learning, being active and taking notice.

Doing something kind, such as giving a compliment, has been shown to produce serotonin and oxytocin, two ‘feel good’ chemicals that help you feel happier, calmer, and more energetic. “You don’t need a card to give a compliment. You can start the ball rolling right now by giving someone a compliment. And when you do get a compliment card, please share the love and pass it on!”

Ms Turner expects the compliment cards to be very popular this Christmas. “Last year over five thousand Cantabrians completed a 15-minute character strengths test and the most common strength was kindness. Our compliments campaign builds on this strength, making it even easier to deliver daily acts of kindness!”

Adapted from: All Right? media release (30th November 2017).

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