Information for Health Professionals

Community and Public Health provides information and advice to health professionals such as GPs, nurses and midwives on:

  • notifiable and respiratory diseases in the community, and
  • applying to become an authorised or yellow fever vaccinator;
  • research exploring the issues impacting on the health of the community; and
  • submissions on proposed or existing policies and legislation affecting public health.

Notifiable Diseases

The Health Act 1956 requires some specific diseases or illnesses to be reported to the local Medical Officer of Health.

Find out about notifiable diseases including:

  • reporting forms; and
  • weekly and monthly surveillance reports.

Surveillance of Other Diseases

Community and Public Health compiles surveillance data on a number of other diseases such as:

  • detailed reports for outbreaks or disease epidemics;
  • the Public Health Information Quarterly newsletter for primary care; and
  • regular updates on influenza-like illness and other respiratory viruses during winter.


Medical Officers of Health are responsible for approving or recommending authorised vaccinator applications for individuals or centres.

Find out about the process of applying to become either an authorised or yellow fever vaccinator.

Public Health Reports

Effective public health action is informed by evidence.

Staff at Community and Public Health prepare reports often in partnership with or for other organisations.

This includes literature reviews and evaluations.

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