Stay safe and stay informed during Get Ready Week

Get Ready Week will be held from Monday 9th to Sunday 15th October 2017.

Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time, and without warning. Make sure you and the people you care about are ready to get through by knowing the different ways to stay informed:

  • which radio stations to listen to,
  • which website to visit or social media to follow,
  • getting to know your neighbours; and
  • checking if you can receive Emergency Mobile Alerts.

In an emergency: Stay safe. Stay informed.

Stay informed with a radio

A radio (solar, battery powered or in your car) can help you keep up to date with the latest news if the power goes out. Tune into one of these stations in an emergency:

  • Radio New Zealand;
  • The Hits;
  • NewstalkZB;
  • MoreFM; or
  • Radio Live.

Stay informed by going online

Check your local council’s website for situation updates, as well as your regional Civil Defence Emergency Management website and social media.

Stay safe by knowing your neighbours

There’s strength in numbers. You can work with your neighbours in an emergency – to make sure everyone will get through.

Neighbourhood Support Groups bring local people together to create safe, supportive and connected communities.

Stay informed through Emergency Mobile Alerts – coming soon

Emergency Mobile Alerts will be a new way of receiving information about emergencies in your area. Emergency Mobile Alerts can be sent to your mobile if your life, health or property is in danger – without needing to sign up or download an app. Emergency Mobile Alerts are expected to be available by the end of 2017.

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