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Well Child: Giving your child the best start in life

15 February 2018

Well Child Tamariki Ora.Celebrate the importance of the Well Child programme during Well Child Week (26th February to 4th March 2018).

The early years of life set the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing. Well Child/Tamariki Ora is a free service provided by the Ministry of Health for all New Zealand children from birth to five years.

Well Child can support parents and families to protect and improve a child’s health, so they can grow and develop to their full potential. The programme includes free 13 wellness checks, including a general practitioner check at 6 weeks of age, and immunisations according to the National Immunisation Schedule.

The Well Child services are an important gateway to targeted and specialist health, education and social services for children and families/whānau with additional needs.

Well Child services are provided by a number of people, including:

  • Lead maternity carers (LMCs) such as midwives, obstetricians and general practitioners;
  • Registered nurses;
  • Nurse practitioners;
  • General practitioners (GPs);
  • Paediatricians;
  • Community health workers, Karitane and Kaiāwhina;
  • Vision and hearing technicians (VHTs);
  • Newborn hearing screeners; and
  • Authorised vaccinators.

Free health and wellbeing checks for your child (CHH0068A).Order Well Child Tamariki Ora resources


The Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) has a range of Well Child resources available to order.

Source: Well Child website.

The Big Grill for Melanoma New Zealand

23 January 2018

Melanoma New Zealand invites you to participate in the inaugural Big Grill event. Have a BBQ with friends anywhere, at any time throughout February and March 2018 and fund-raise for Melanoma NZ.

New Zealand has the highest melanoma incidence rate in the world. Over 300 New Zealanders die from melanoma and 4,000 people are newly diagnosed every year.

Funds raised from your BBQ will go towards Melanoma NZ’s education programs, advocacy, research and support.

The Big Grill for Melanoma NZ.

Check the skin you’re in for melanoma

Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer you can get. It can progress quickly and can be life-threatening. Thankfully melanoma can be successfully treated by surgery if diagnosed early.

The first sign of early melanoma is often a change in the size, shape or colour of an existing mole, or the appearance of a new mole.

So check your entire body including skin not normally exposed to the sun. Ask for help to check difficult to see areas like your back, neck or scalp.

If you notice anything new, changing or different on your skin, get it checked by a doctor or a specialist. It could save your life!

How to prevent getting melanoma

Most melanomas are caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight, so avoid getting sunburnt whatever your age by;

  • wearing a broad-brimmed hat that shades your face, neck and ears;
  • wearing close fitting sunglasses;
  • wearing a long sleeved collared shirt;
  • using a broad-spectrum SPF30 sunscreen on skin that is not covered by clothing; and
  • seeking shade where possible.

Protection is especially important between 10am and 4pm during daylight saving months – when UV radiation is highest.

Using sunbeds or sunlamps increases the risk of melanoma. Using these treatments before the age of 35 is associated with a 59 percent increase in the risk of melanoma.

People from ethnic groups with darker skin (like Māori, Pacific and Asian peoples) have more protection against UV rays and so are less likely to get skin cancers such as melanoma.

Aotearoa Bike Challenge: Let’s get more people riding!

1 December 2016

Aotearoa Bike Challenge.This summer the New Zealand Transport Agency is rolling out an exciting campaign to boost cycling all across the country. It’s a great time to ride bikes in NZ with tailored guidance and tips, a friendly workplace competition, and lots of great prizes on offer.

Join the Aotearoa Bike Challenge today! This is a fun, free challenge to encourage you and your colleagues to experience first hand joys and benefits of riding a bike. There will be lots of fantastic prizes on offer to tempt your team.

It’s all about participation – which teams and workplaces can get the most people to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more? Organisations across the country will compete against each other to see who can get the most staff to ride a bike during the month of February 2018.

It’s not about who can ride the most kilometres, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try. The teams which get the highest percentage of their staff riding for their size category will win.

There will also do a prize draw for each trip you ride. So the more you ride in February, the more chance you have of winning a prize. You can earn more chances at individual prizes for encouraging others to ride.

This is also an opportunity to try out the cycleways in your area – contact from your city or district council for more information.

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