Cope with another dry summer by SMART watering

The SMART Watering campaign is hoping to help home gardeners, lifestyle irrigators, small businesses, sports grounds and schools to apply water efficiently to cope with another dry summer.

This year’s campaign will focus on educating people in Canterbury and South Canterbury about:

  • ‘drip irrigation’ – the most efficient way to apply water,
  • the benefits of timers or controllers for home garden irrigation systems, and
  • how to store and use rainwater within the garden.

Simple things like choosing early mornings or evenings to water your plants, setting a timer on the veggie patch sprinkler, investigating rain tanks on the roof, or selecting less water-hungry plants are recommended.

The SMART Watering campaign is supported by Timaru, Ashburton, Selwyn, Mackenzie and Waimakariri District Councils, as well as Environment Canterbury.

SMART watering.

Source: Environment Canterbury media release (2nd November 2016).

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