Explore your way to wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week will be held from Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th September 2019. The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 is Explore your way to wellbeing – Whāia te ara hauora, Whitiora. Discover the things that make you feel good and do more of them! When you uplift your personal wellbeing, you […]

Sit less this September at your workplace

Sitting for prolonged periods is bad for your health – no matter how fit you are. Nō reira e Tu Tātau! So let’s stand up for yourself! A workplace that supports staff to sit less and move more can benefit from more productive staff, reduced absenteeism and increased staff engagement through improved health. Plan ahead: […]

Take time out during Gambling Harm Awareness Week

Gambling is meant to be fun and social, but it can easily become a problem. Gambling harm can escalate quickly, damaging relationships, whānau, finances and hopes for the future. It is important to recognise when gambling is no longer just for fun and may be starting to cause harm. There are some things we can […]

Give generously on Daffodil Day

The daffodil is one of the first flowers of spring, whose bright yellow blooms remind us of the joys the new season will bring. It also represents hope for the 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by cancer. Daffodil Day (Friday 30th August 2019) is a major funding source for the Cancer Society, as well as […]

New All Right? campaign reminds us we are all in this together

A new All Right? campaign reminds Cantabrians that in tough times we can go through a range of emotions, and we all work through them in our own way and at our own pace. All Right? mental health strategist Ciaran Fox says tough times affect each of us differently. “It’s all right to feel upset, […]

Influenza: Don’t get it, don’t give it

Influenza is caused by different strains of influenza viruses. Around one in four New Zealanders are infected with influenza or ‘flu’ each year. Influenza can be anywhere, and is highly contagious. Influenza is more than just a ‘bad cold’ – it is a serious illness that can put anyone in hospital or even kill them, […]

Resources to help after the Christchurch incident

Here are some messages from the All Right? campaign after the distressing and shocking events in Christchurch last week. Normalising our reactions A lot of us are feeling on edge and upset right now – this is a completely normal reaction. Disasters and big shocks take a toll on all of us and coping is […]

Check for health warnings before going near waterways

Recreational water users are being reminded to avoid contact with some Canterbury and South Canterbury waterways. “Many of these waterways have been in bloom for some time now and will continue to be so with the warm weather we have been experiencing” says Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey. Find out about current potentially […]

Canterbury wellbeing indicators continue upward trend

Quality of life continues to improve for greater Christchurch residents, according to the latest wellbeing indicators. The Canterbury Wellbeing Index uses data from many different local and national agencies, as well the Canterbury Wellbeing Survey, to bring together information about wellbeing in Christchurch City, Selwyn District and Waimakariri District. Chair of the greater Christchurch Psychosocial […]

Time to ditch the old fashioned kiwi bloke mentality

Canterbury men are being asked to ditch the stereotypes and just be themselves, as part of the latest campaign by All Right? All Right? mental health promoter Ciaran Fox says the campaign is needed because many blokes still believe that to be a man they need to live up to the Kiwi bloke stereotype. “It’s […]

Know the signs of stroke: Think FAST

Around 24 New Zealanders have a stroke each day – about six of those are aged under 65. A stroke will strike suddenly. Damage will move through the brain fast. But you can help if you know the signs to look for, and think and act fast. FACE – Is their face drooping on one […]

Throw of the dice favours wellbeing

Roll for a feel-good suggestion, such as enjoying the outdoors or making community connections. Downtime dice are a new well-being tool from All Right? that encourages Cantabrians to enjoy some “guilt-free downtime”. Free downtime dice were available for a limited time only. You can now only purchase a dice for $10 each. All Right? manager Sue Turner underlines […]

Fight the Bite: New campaign to fight mosquito-borne diseases

Fight the bite – day and night. That’s the message the Ministry of Health is promoting to raise more awareness of the diseases mosquitoes in some countries can carry. The new social media and online campaign has been prompted by recent outbreaks of dengue in parts of the Pacific and an increased number of dengue cases recorded […]

Health risks of nitrates in drinking water

Nitrate (NO3) is a compound that is formed when nitrogen combines with oxygen. Sometimes high amounts of nitrate get into drinking water. Typical sources of nitrate include: fertilisers, animal wastes, particularly in areas of intensified farming, unreticulated sewage disposal systems, and industrial and food processing waste. Nitrate is highly soluble in water, making it readily transported through […]

Sparklers: Helping tamariki live brighter

Canterbury’s had more than its fair share of challenges. The impact has also been felt strongly for many young Cantabrians who have lived through the quakes. The Canterbury DHB’s School-Based Mental Health Team (SBMHT) and the Health Promoting Schools staff from Community and Public Health were often being asked for tools to help schools support the […]

Making good habits stick with Habit Sticks

The latest innovation from All Right? will help people do more of the things that make them happy and healthy. All Right? manager Sue Turner says the revolutionary new All Right? Habit Stick makes it easier to make good habits stick. “If you’ve ever struggled with a resolution or maintaining a healthy habit then our […]

Some emergency kits a recipe for disaster

It could be the little box that saves your life, which is why authorities are warning Kiwis to be wary of pre-made emergency survival kits after our consumer watchdog found some lacking. Consumer NZ released a report on 28th April 2017 saying that some pre-made survival kits on the market they tested were more of […]

Smokefree Social Housing Toolkit: a guide for creating smokefree policies

Community and Public Health (as a member of Smokefree Canterbury) has developed a Toolkit to assist social housing providers to implement smokefree policies in social housing settings. Improving population health has increasingly become a shared goal across many sectors including social housing. A smokefree social housing policy can result in win-wins for tenants, housing providers, […]

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