Keep cool and hydrated to beat the heat

Cantabrians are being urged to keep cool and hydrated during what looks set to be the region’s first stretch of scorching temperatures as we move into hottest part of summer. Weather forecasters are predicting a run of at least five consecutive hot days, with temperatures between the high twenties to early thirties beginning tomorrow (Saturday […]

Cantabrians’ wellbeing continues to improve

Canterbury’s latest wellbeing indicators show that most people continue to rate their quality of life highly. A major update to the Canterbury Wellbeing Index was released today by Canterbury District Health Board. The Index uses data from many different local and national agencies, as well the Canterbury Wellbeing Survey, to bring together information about wellbeing in […]

Care around the clock continues over the summer

Remember that you can still get free health advice whenever you need it wherever your holidays take you around New Zealand. You can call your own general practice team 24/7 for care around the clock – whether you’ve had a donk from your new pétanque set or the Christmas leftovers are turning your tummy. Be […]

Cantabrians urged to protect themselves against Legionnaires’ this spring

People are more inclined to head outside and get stuck into their gardens as the days get longer and warmer. This comes with an increased risk of catching Legionnaires’ disease. There were 48 hospitalisations from Legionnaires’ in Canterbury last year. 12 cases of the disease have already confirmed in the region since June. So gardeners […]

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